Father Coughlin v. Federal Reserve Bank

By: Paige Johnsen

Father Charles E. Coughlin preaches to thousands of his supporters for his”National Union for Social Justice’s” in Illinois.  His speeches continue to grasp national attention and cause strong reactions, but today marks a historical signifigance for 1936. 

Father Coughlin says, “They [the government] believe the Federal Reserve Bank has the right to coin and regulate the power of money.”

Father Coughlin stresses Americans to put patriotism first.  He says, “We are through with the sham of politicians and now we’re on our own.”

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Coughlin’s Patriot Ideas on Money

by: Ana Milanes

At a conference for social justice (1936) in Illinois, Father Coughlin persuades the crowd against the money spending ways of government. He claims politicians are un-American and President Roosevelt is stealing money from wages. Coughlin leaves the crowd riled up against federal reform banks and capitalism.

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Coughlin to followers: “Now we’re on our own”

By: Jonathan Simmons

In a speech this afternoon before thousands of listeners in Illinois, Father Charles E. Coughlin excoriated both major political parties and called on his followers to “endorse a candidate who can rise above his party and put patriotism first.”

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Father Coughlin lashes out against politicians

By: Amelia Gutierrez

Thousands of Father Charles E. Coughlin’s supporters gathered in Chicago to hear his anti-Federal Reserve speech, “Nation’s Union of Social Justice” in 1936. Father Coughlin showed his discontent with today’s “sham battle of politicians” as he referred to them during his speech, stating, that the time has come to “endorse a candidate who can rise above his party and put patriotism first”.

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The Father’s speech

By: Ashley Williams

In Chicago,IL 1936 Father Coughlin gave a speech in front of thousands, expressing his discontent with the government and their practices. He states “the constitution says the government has the right to distribute, coin, and issue money at all cost.” In his speech he takes a stance against the democratic and republican politicians. He clearly stands firm with his beliefs and the cheers from the crowd confirm that.

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Fr. Coughlin Warns Against Modern-Day Capitalists and Communists

By: Viviana Garcia

In Chicago, Illinois Fr. Coughlin addressed a crowd of Americans receptive to his message of change and defense of truths; truths not being followed by the politicians of today. Fr. Coughlin claims that Roosevelt’s new policy is going to drive workmen out of decent wages. Now, in 1936, Fr. Coughlin urges the public to take up arms and defend the truth in order that, “the communists on the one hand cannot scourge us and the capitalists on the right cannot purge us.” He asked Illinois to select candidates that would rise above their party, something that has yet to be done, he claims.

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Father Charles E. Coughlin Speaks to His Supporters

By: Joeli Prieto

Father Charles E. Coughlin recently spoke to him supporters in Chicago, Illinois. In his speech Couglin encouraged the people to take control of their government and consider new candidates for office, who will run the government how the constitution stated.

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Father Coughlin Advocates for a Patriotic Candidate

By Nathaly Duran

Illinois, 1936 Father Coughlin speaks in front of thousands of his followers. His speech was a protest against the way the U.S. government handles the country’s money, stating that politians have handled the reins to the Federal Reserve. By the end he leaves the crowd with a sentiment of “endorsing a political candidate that puts patrionism first”.

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