Guest Speaker Energizes SJMC Students


By: Paige Johnsen

Students of Professor Jose Alvarado’s Introduction to Journalism class had the privilege to attend a lecture by Roman Escobar, Vice President of Telemundo, on April 21, 2011. 

Escobar decided he wanted to be a journalist when he was a child.

In the 1960s, Escobar’s parents left their home in Columbia and immigrated to New York City.  When they finally settled in Arkansas, Escobar joined the family portrait.  Escobar’s parents learned how to speak English by watching 1960s television sitcoms.

Escobar said, “I realized how importance of the ‘box with wires’, it was a babysitter, educator and entertainer.”

In Arkansas, Escobar stood out with curly hair, a weird last name and no one that spoke like him.  In high school, he achieved the opportunity of a lifetime, he was selected to represent the state of Arkansas in DC by Boys Nation in 1986.   

Before President Ronald Regan’s speech, a reporter asked Escobar, “Hey kid, do you want to be on television?  Ask him what he thinks about the apartheid in Africa.”

The reporter was, Sam Donaldson, a White House correspondent for news.

Escobar hesitated, he wasn’t one of the five selected to ask a question.

Donaldson said, “Of course you can ask a question.  This is America.”

That moment inspired Escobar to do what he wanted to do.  He realized he wanted to be among the sea of journalists and ask the tough questions.

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