Ramon Escobar addresses FIU journalism class

By: Jonathan Simmons

Ramon Escobar, executive director of Telemundo, addressed Professor Alvarado’s Introduction to Journalism class April 19, 2011. Escobar spoke of his childhood growing up as a Latino in rural Arkansas. Early on, he had been moved by the power of television as a medium for conveying information — he had seen his parents learn about the language and culture of their new country by watching it — and decided early on that he wanted to go into the TV news business.

Escobar defined journalism as “a current, reasoned reflection, published in print, TV or online, of society’s events, needs and values,” and then dissected that definition for the class, explaining, word by word, exactly what it really signifies.

Escobar emphasized that it’s the “needs and values” part of the definition that really defines compelling journalism, and that the news organizations that are successful at dealing with those more difficult issues are the ones most likely to succeed in the future. Many newspapers, Escobar said, were not dealing effectively with these topics, and, “that’s why you’re seeing a lot of newspapers completely falling apart.”

Escobar spoke of the manner in which journalism is evolving away from the world of print, and of the impact of new, cheap technology, such as hand-held video cameras, on journalists’ ability to tell stories that have an impact, while emphasizing the need to use that influence responsibly. “You’re exercising a profession that is a process,” he said. “If you do it right, you will be enriching your society; if you do it wrong, it could be disastrous.”

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