Editor’s Note

By: Amelia Gutierrez

These week our blogs were about government repression or McCarthyism. When a county forces and intimates the inhabitants to attempt any uprising. There are many examples of this in the world today. For example, Libia, Yemen, Iran, and Syria. The people of these countries are fighting to break down the walls of their government’s abuse. Some achieved a successful uprising like Yemen, while other continue to fight. Our bloggers wrote about the forceful government repression in Miami and how it was put to an end, another wrote on how Italy’s Prime Minister Berlusconi was accused of have sex with an underage prostitute, but how she was under his estate.

McCarthyism not only invaded the United States in a powerful way, but it influenced other countries as well such as Argentina, Guatemala, and Mexico. With indecisive decisions and raised suspicions of Argentina following McCarthyism actions, the United States become wary of the country. With the help of the United States, Guatemalan’s could rest easy to know that their country would not become a communist country. For Mexico, journalists as well the residents are being threatened. Any journalists in Mexico are being threatened to not report any news on Narco-violence related violence. At least 11 journalists have been killed, and the death toll continues to rise. The drug lords are controlling the government as well as anyone who steps foot in Mexico.

Read our blogs on government repression to learn more about these countries and many others.

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