A Proposed Correct Definition of Journalism

By: Viviana M. Garcia

Telemundo. Ramon Escobar. Retrieved April 21, 2011.

On April 19, 2011, Ramon Escobar, Vice President of Telemundo addressed an Introduction to Journalism class at Florida International University. He touched upon the pillars of journalism and stressed the importance of knowing precisely what journalism is. After posing the question, “what is journalism?” he dissected word for word his response:

Journalism is a current, reasoned reflection of society’s events, needs and values.

The most important part of this definition is the latter part, that of writing about society’s “needs and values.” Many might think that being objective is a journalist’s main responsibility, said Escobar, but in reality, this should not be the main priority, it is instead what you do with that bias that is important.

“Journalism is about discussion,” stated Escobar. We do not write stories to provide society with answers because it is a process to reach an ultimate response to current situation or event.

In his opinion, Escobar believes that the most successful news organizations are going to be those that focus on the needs and values of the people. “This is why,” he says, “Fox news is the number one rated news outlet on cable television.

To the students, he advised that they pay close attention to social media, become a great writer, become a great storyteller, and think critically.

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