60 Minutes Interview with Julian Assange

By Nathaly Duran

From a 600-acre estate in Britain under house arrest, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange gave an exclusive interview to CBS “60 Minutes”, where among many other things he opened up about his ideals and defended his work, discussed his organization’s vulnerability to government shut down, and rumors about an upcoming release of revealing documents of Bank of America.

Throughout the interview Assange took the opportunity to respond to the negative criticism he has received in the past years, one of which is that of being perceived as anti-American, allegation he denied by stating that his actions are supported by the U.S. Constitution, Assange: Not at all. In fact, our founding values are those of the U.S. revolution. They are those of the people like Jefferson and Madison. And we have a number of Americans in our organization. If you’re a whistleblower and you have material that is important, we will accept it, we will defend you and we will publish it. You can’t turn away material simply because it comes from the United States.

Assange also clarified that his organization doesn’t go after anyone in particular; instead, their job is to publish material that is likely to have a significant impact. But what Julian Assange emphasized most was in the ideal of achieving freedom of press, he said that if the U.S. creates threats to small publishers to stop them publishing then the U.S. had lost its way, “throwing the first Amendment in the bin”.

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