What does Journalism and Free Expression Look Like In Mexico?

Dr. Sallie Hughes of the University of Miami lectured journalism students at Florida International University on April 12, in a talk entitled, Journalism and Free Expression In Areas of High Risk with a focus on Mexico. After having worked at a Mexican newspaper, her first hand experience allowed her to make the following observations. After much protest, Mexico’s society has finally moved away from a political system that had controlled the country for 70 years. “Currently,” says Hughes, “the Mexican press faces an almost perfect storm of violence, impunity, corruption and economic concentration that limits the range and accuracy of information available to citizens.” This is because drug cartels have come to play a significant role in the kind of news that is reported.

Often, police officers, for instance, are given money by these cartels to feed certain press releases to the papers; offering a skewed view of current events. Journalism is vastly suppressed due to violence against those working in the media, systematic impunity, public corruption, and unregulated monopolies. Hughes concluded, that foreseeable solutions can include, federalization, emergency protection committees, and newspapers teaming up to investigate. Ultimately, “long term solutions must be linked to political reform to increase accountability.”

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