News Reporting on September 11, 2001

By: Joeli Prieto

On September 11, 2001 America experience a very tragic act of terrorism. Journalists were able to report everything that happened except for why the terrorist attacks occurred. The only one who was able to give the people an answer to this question was President George W. Bush. According to “Mightier than the Sword”, President Bush went on live T.V. and described these terrorist attacks as evil. He positioned America as the good guys and the terrorists as the bad guys. Since the president had taken this approach, many of the mainstream journalists did too. These ideas of the Americans being the good guys and the terrorists being evil circulated trough out the newspapers and televisions studios. Since the White House was able to take control of what the media was saying, it was easy for the president to declare war and have support from the people, since they thought the attacks her coming from an evil place.

While many mainstream journalists were using these same ideas, there were still people wanting to know Osama bin Laden’s side and his real motive for his attacks. Many American’s decided to use the Internet as another source to find out the real reason for the attacks on September 11, but that this point the war had already begun.


Streitmatter, Rodger. Mightier Than the Sword. (2008), Retrieved April 12, 2011

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