Violence and Media in Mexico

By: Paige Johnsen

Dr. Hughes delivered a lecture on the violence and media in Mexico to a Global Media and Society class at Florida International University today.  Dr. Hughes gave an in depth historical background of the suppression in Mexico.  She stated,  “The state withdrawals of the economy in the 1980-1990’s were pushed by the idea that a market-based economy would flourish Mexico.” 

This solution backfired.  Dr. Hughes explained that the new market-based economy strengthened an oligopolistic (concentrated) economy of family-owned firms.  Also, it led to increasing budget cuts in education.  Dr. Hughes pointed out that the richest man in the world is, Carlos Slim Helu and family, the chairman and CEO of Mexican telecommunication companies Telemex and America Movil.

Dr. Hughes states, “Mexico entered drug trafficking at a terrible time.”  Police officers were not trained, so the Army stepped in their place. 

Dr. Hughes stated four trends in Mexico’s suppression, “Violence of journalists and media workers, systematic impunity, public corruption overlaps with impunity and violence and unregulated monopolies.”

 Political corruption in Mexico has a major impact in the media because cartels will write press releases and pay police to tell reporters what to write.

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