Carl Bernstein On Hilary Clinton

By: Ashley Williams

In The Carl Bernstein’s Book ” A woman in Charge” Bernstein gives a look into the upbringing and life of Senator Hilary Clinoton and former first lady. He takes a look into the relationship between Hilary and her Husband Bill and her being the backbone of the family, and there for him since the day they met. He takes a look into her family with her stern authoritarian father to her nurturing mother. Bernstein does an objective job on explaining the life and time of Hilary and probably is one of the best biographies of Hilary Clinton to date.

Bernstein narrates facts that close friends to Hillary have provided him so readers can see the perspective of people who have known her directly. In the book we see how her political inclinations started at home, having fierce debates with her father on numerous occasions.

He takes a look into her courage to run for senate of new york during a trying time in her life and marriage, that was on display in front of the world. Despite his feelings on Bill and Hillary he stays as neutral as possible by showing a glimpse of Hilary good and bad.

From Reading this book you can come to understand why she does and thinks the things she does and why. As a faithful wife Hillary said it: “I am stronger than he is. I am better than he is. Therefore, I can stay with him because it’s my biblical duty to love the sinner, and to help to try to overcome his defects of character. His sins are of weakness not of malice.”

Hilary is a strong woman with a structured upbringing and strong foundation that has made her the strong powerful woman she is today and Carl Bernstein gives us a glimpse of this in his book.

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  1. Good.
    It’s New York, not new york, and Hillary, not Hilary.

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