Andrew Sullivan’s The Conservative Soul: How We Lost It, How To Get It Back

Tattered Cover Book Store. Retrieved March 24, 2011.

Political commentator Andrew Sullivan, in an impassioned tone, attempts to draw the attention of American’s to how far we have come from our roots in his book, The Conservative Soul: How We Lost It, How To Get It Back.

We often hear of the failures of past governments, yet some of us seem convinced that certain structures only need a bit of tweaking before we get it just right. Sullivan, in his first chapter, quotes the words of Edmund Burke, for he too was a man who wanted to “remind his fellow humans that society is complicated, that its structure develops not by accident but by evolution, that even the most flawed bonds that tie countless individuals are not to be casually severed for the sake of an inchoate idea of perfection.”

Sullivan points out that during this particular fast-paced era we’re moving through, “the meaning of family, of marriage, of health, of sex, of faith, are now things we cannot simply take for granted as a shared understanding. ” It’s almost as if we’re starting from scratch, discarding the future, and figuring it out as we go along, without regard from the experience of the past that should inform our decisions.

In his attempt to make a case for true conservatism, he presents his aim in a clear, easily accessible, and heartfelt way. In a sociopolitical climate where the conservatism of Burke seems to be spoken of only behind closed doors, Sullivan brings back the ideals that make up the very foundation and culture of this country’s history. The goal of every society should be to flourish and aspire to virtuousness, yet we couldn’t be farther from that end. We need a culture that will be able to, “direct and uplift” us to a single worthy goal.

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  1. Very good. Who wrote this?

    • Viviana Garcia

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