A Review of “A Woman in Charge” by Carl Bernstein

By: Joeli Prieto

Carl Bernstein’s A Woman in Charge is a national best seller, which tells the story of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s life. In the book Bernstein begins the story with Hillary’s childhood and continues telling the story of her life from there. Through out the book he speaks about things from Hillary’s life that shaped the woman and politician she is today.

In the first chapter of the book, Bernstein focuses on Clinton’s childhood and the personalities of her mother and father. Many of the descriptions of Clinton’s parents came from her brothers, Tony Rodham and Hugh Rodham Jr. Clinton’s father was described to be a tough and abusive individual. Being that those descriptions came from family members, makes Bernstein’s accounts unbiased. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s closest childhood friend also attributed to descriptions of Clinton’s upbringing.

As the story continued Bernstein speaks about Clinton’s days in college. in this chapter, former secretary of labor, Robert Reich shares stories about attending Wellesley College with Hillary.

Bernstein’s view on the life of Hillary Rodham Clinton seems to be very unbiased. He credits most of the information in the book to old childhood friends of Clinton and people who have been in her life through out the years. There are times when his descriptions of Clinton appear to release some of his personal opinions of her , but for the most part he keeps the story neutral and doesn’t give his opinion.

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  1. Good. Weak lead, though. You should begin your report with your central thesis and then back it up.

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