Mexican Political Repression remains Unspoken

by: Ana Milanes

Mexican union leader Juan Linares was recently released from Reclusorio del Norte prison, his release was a step forward for Mexican human rights. His two year arrest beginning in 2008 and ending in February 2011 was caused by Linares visiting a Federation of Labor Convention.

A total of 50 fellow union members greeted Linares as he stepped out of prison, his released is looked at as a push for rights to speak freely that Mexicans didn’t previously posses.

Political repression in Mexico is evident through the murders of journalists. In the last decade, 65 Mexican journalists have been killed. Certain newspapers closer to the United States border don’t report about the drug trafficking to avoid mafia interference.

President Felipe Calderon promised to make a security plan for journalists to protect their rights to speak out but results of the plan such as private television stations have been criticized by the media.

The outlook was good when the courts declared Linares’s arrest was illegal as it was made under false charges. However, this didn’t stop the threats and prosecution from the Mexican government. Juan Linares moved to Canada, one of the 40 counties supporting Los Mineros and other work unions.

“Steelworkers Hail Liberation of Mexican Union Leader After Two Years as Political Prisoner.” Media Release. United Steel Workers, 25 Feb. 2011. Web. 4 Mar. 2011. .

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