Political Repression In Mexico

By: Ashley Williams

Recently In Mexico at least 11 journalists have been killed in relation to their reports on Narco-violence and drug related violence in Mexico, which continues to rise rapidly. Slowly press freedoms are dwindling under the government with restrictions on what they report. Few of the crimes have been solved despite creation of a special prosecutor for crimes against the media and nor other government measures. Many small newspapers in the most violent regions of Mexico no longer cover drug-related gang violence, because they have either been threatened or killed. (1)

google images 3/5/2011

Due to this, corruption exists in the newsroom because salaries are lower, leaving reporters vulnerable to bribes, and most funding comes from the government advertising, leaving possible official influence on news coverage. The government looks at the media as the enemy by spotlighting the drug gangs and what they want, and the government has urged Mexican reporters to not magnify drug related gangs but crimes continue to increase. Mexican President Felipe Calderon has promised to push for legal reforms to protect journalists and create a security plan. (2) In response the government states “ the enemy is not the government, but organized crime.

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