McCarthyism In Argentina Retrieved March 10, 2011.

By: Viviana Garcia

McCarthyism has stretched far and wide. It has come to affect not only the history of the United States, but also that of certain countries in Latin America. Joseph McCarthy’s practice of accusing individuals the moment communist suspicions arise has become commonplace for countries such as Argentina, who felt the effects of this tradition. In 2004, diplomatic relations between the US and Argentina began to deteriorate. Washington said to have concerns regarding possible ties between Buenos Aires and the island of Cuba. President Bush had called for an urgent summit with the Argentine head of State. An article by Hernan Etchaleco on the website, stated that the President felt the need to have a “clearer picture” on the Argentine position toward Cuba. In response to the request for a meeting, President Kirchner said he would “knock out” the US President.

The US claims that it has several reasons to further inquire about Argentina. Fidel Castro is said to have attended the inauguration of the Argentinian head of State. From that moment, diplomatic ties were restored with the island. During several trips to Cuba, Argentinian officials never meet with dissidents. One year prior, in 2003, Argentina voted against US proposals to negotiate Cuba’s liberation at a United Nations Human Rights Committee. According to the article, sources in Washington say that nations in South America such as, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba and Venezuela have become allies. Washington expresses its concern over the coming together of countries that have been known to sway to the left and express anti-free market policies.

Source: (August 1, 2004). “US McCarthyism irritates Argentine government.” Retrieved March 8, 2011, from the website:

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