KKK Influence in the Media

By: Paige Johnsen
Southern Methodists established their own newspaper, The Alabama Christian Advocate, in 1880.  Birmingham, Alabama desired a well-edited newspaper to voice their disapproval against black civil liberties. 
The following is a quote from the historical newspaper, “We are developing a new type of Negro unheard of until recent years, a conscienceless, lawless, fearless brute, led only by his strong animal nature fired by these devilish influences, and ready for rape, robbery, and murder” (1).
The newspaper claimed that blacks were created by God for labor.  The newspaper also blamed blacks for economic problems.  Southern  evangelical’s said that alcohol made black men “beastly” and made them rape white women.  The newspaper believed that the only way to protect white women was to lynch black men.
Roger Streitmatter, Author of Mightier Than The Sword says, “The KKK offered them a sense of fraternity, a commitment to self-defined traditional American values, and a long list of people to blame for the social upheaval-Catholics, Jews, blacks, and recent immigrants” (2).
1.) Coker, Joe. Liquor in the Land of the Lost Cause: Southern Evangelicals and the Prohibition. Alabama Writers’ Forum. Retrieved from http://www.writersforum.org/books/book.aspx?ID=136
2.) Streitmatter, Roger. Mightier Than The Sword: Defying The Ku Klux Klan. Chapter 7. Page 109.
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