The Suitcase Scandal

By: Ashley Williams

google images retrieved Feb 2011

Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, is known to many in his country as corrupt, who has many claims against him of being a corrupt politician. He was linked to one of the biggest election scandals in Venezuela, where he was accused of covering up money laundering, and secretly paying off and bribing candidates with money who were running in the election. (1)In the year of 2008 a unregistered agent by the name of Franklin Guerra conspired to seize money from a Florida business man, who toted 800,000 cash in a “suitcase” from Caracas to Buenos Aires, supposedly for the campaign of Cristina Fernandez the elected president of 2008. (2)

When Duran was arrested he implicated Chavez stating that the Venezuela intelligence agency was apart of covering up the money and Chavez was the central role player. In court recordings were played, witnesses testified, and evidence was presented that Chavez was laundering money and covering up dirty deeds, as well as making death threats against workers if caught. In 2006 Chavez was accused of paying governments to back his bid for a seat in the United Nations Council. (2) During trial in Miami, Guerra denied any involvement as well as Chavez who continued to lose his supporters due to the scandal. Guerra is still facing trial and is currently protected by the US government residing in key biscayne miami.


1. Flores , M. (2008, September 3). Chavez and the Cash filled Suitcase. Retrieved February 14, 2011, from

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