Miami Herald Uncovers Journalist Working to Undermine Fidel Castro

By: Joeli Prieto

Retrieved February 14, 2011. Jesus Diaz Jr. Former Miami Herald publisher.

In September of 2008, The Miami Herald released a story about journalists in its sister paper El Nuevo Herald.  According to CBC in Canada, The Miami Herald had “combed through government documents and uncovered 10 South Florida Journalists who had been paid for work at stations aimed at undermining Fidel Castro’s communist regime.” The story resulted in the journalists being fired from El Nuevo Herald.

In the case study done by Columbia University, the journalists that were fired upset many people in the community, including journalists from both The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald and the passionate “anti-Castro” Cuban population of Miami.

According to, the publisher of the two papers, Jesus Diaz Jr., thought that the acceptance of money by the journalists was unethical, and that was the basis of his decision to fire the journalists.

According to the article “Miami Herald Publisher Resigns over Cuba Scandal,” six more journalists were discovered to have worked for the U.S. supported stations. The article also stated that these six journalists had been working for these stations with the permission of Carlos Castaneda, founder of the papers and previous executive editor.

The journalist were soon rehired and Diaz later resigned because of this conflict.


Lundberg, Kirsten. When the Story is Us: Miami Herald, Nuevo Herald and Radio Martí. Retrieved February 14, 2011 from

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