The Muslim Brotherhood for women’s rights

Badie, Mohammed. Retrieved February 7, 2011. Biyukulule.

By: Viviana Garcia

Indicative of women’s rights still being of issue around the world, is the Muslim Brotherhood’s 2007 draft political program. Alarming many Egyptians, it put forth an Islamic religious council that would prohibit women from running for president, reports the Wall Street Journal. Saleh, the groups leader, claims that this was just proposed for discussion and nothing more, stating that secular courts would have the final say.

Since then, however, the group has reaffirmed their view that women and Christians should not be promoted to positions of higher office. In January 2010, the group appointed Mohammed Badie as their new leader. Long time followers of the Brotherhood claim that he has more of a conservative core and recently, he has advocated respect for women’s rights.

According to Wall Street Journal’s Keith Johnson and Marc Champion, the group’s insistence for change in the Egyptian government has been causing tension across the board, in particular between their desire to cut ties with Israel and support the Palestinian resistance. Badie, however, has been sentenced to nine years in prison by the same tribunal that condemned Said Qutb in 1965, Johnson and Champion states. Badie has been jailed by the Egyptian government four times.


Johnson, Keith and Champion, Marc. (February 2, 2011). “Egypt’s Islamist Riddle.” Retrieved February 7, 2011 from the Wall Street Journal website:’s+rights

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