Indigenous Women’s Rights

By Nathaly Duran

FIMI (Foro Internacional de Mujeres Indigenas) or the International Indigenous Women’s Forum was found in 1995 during the Fourth UN World Conference on Women. Their purpose is to bring together indigenous women activists and human rights leaders from all parts of the world to create a voice for indigenous women to demand their rights, among others the right to freely decide and have control of their lives.

To this day Indigenous communities maintain social, cultural, economic, and political characteristics distinct from those of the dominant societies that they are in. Many are victims of racial discrimination, social exclusion, and rapid economic development. They have been denied their land rights, and deprived of basic needs like education and healthcare. The combination of these factors have serious effects on the women of indigenous societies. They are targets of gender discrimination and racially-motivated violence. Indigenous women may face forced pregnancy, sexual assault, forced sterilization, domestic abuse, and denial of legal rights and protection.

In the past fifteen years FIMI has created and strengthen international networks of indigenous activists, exposing and making the concerns of indigenous women be heard on an international level. But this organization understands much more needs to be done. Their mission will be accomplished when indigenous women share the same rights of the women that belong to the dominant societies such as the right of economic justice, freedom from racism, social exclusion and inequality.


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