WikiLeaks’ founder opens up

By Amelia Gutierrez

WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange clears the air with Steve Kroft.

In the last four years, WikiLeaks has published secret documentation that have played a role in causing conflict in many countries.

During the interview, Assange defends WikiLeaks from accusations it has received from the United States.

“We don’t go after a particular country, we don’t go after a particular organization or group, we just stick to our promise of publishing material that is likely to have a significant impact,” he said.

WikiLeaks acts as a conduit to make government more transparent, brought forth by a government’s lack of internal accountability structures.

“If you’re a whistle-blower and you have material that is important, we will accept it, defend you, and we will publish it,” he said.

Assange found it “completely outrageous” when told about the possibility of being charged for espionage.

“If we are talking about creating threats to small publishers to stop them publishing, the U.S. has lost its way, it has aggregated its founding traditions, it has thrown the 1st Amendment in the bin,” he stated.

Assange ends the interview by mentioning a system of encrypted backups distributed among hundreds of people if the organization could not go on.

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