South Africa’s Sex Slave Industry

By: Joeli Prieto

Hamman, Melanie. (2010). Time Magazine. Africa


On January 18, 2010, E. Benjamin Skinner told his story about his encounter with a former sex slave, Sindiswa. According to Skinner, Sindiswa came from one of the poorest families in her area. At the age of 16 Sindiswa became an orphan and needed to find ways to support herself.  During her struggle a woman offered Sindiswa an opportunity to find work. Since Sindiswa needed work, she and her best friend, 15 year-old Elizabeth agreed to take an eight-hour drive with the woman. According to Skinner, this was when the woman sold Sindiswa and Elizabeth. The girls were sold for $120 and cocaine.

Skinner reports that the girls worked every night for 12 hours, as prostitutes. Once the girls would finish working their owner would collect all the money they made.

Sindiswa was eventually diagnosed with HIV, and when she became too weak to work, her owner “threw her back in the streets”, says Skinner.

According to Skinner from Times, there are more slaves at this point in time than there has ever been. Sex trafficking victims fall into the category of slavery because they are being forced to perform an act without pay. Skinner says that there are ten of thousands of South African children being sold into sex slavery.


E. Benjamin Skinner. (2010, Jan. 18). South Africa’s New Slave Trade and the Campaign to Stop It. Time Magazine. Retrieved February 1, 2011 from,9171,1952335-1,00.html

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