Modern Day Sex trafficking of Women and Children in Brazil

By: Ashley Williams

According to one Brazilian Congressional report, Brazil has the highest rate of child prostitution in Latin America and the second highest rate in the world. The Brazilian Centre for Children and Adolescents has estimated that there are 500,000 children involved in prostitution in Brazil.”(1) Although slavery officially ended in Brazil at the end of the 19th century, it continues to be practiced into the 21st century and in other parts of the world.(2)

Brazil one of the top tourism countries, is one of the leading country with HIV cases, and is home to some of the biggest prostitution rings, exploitation, and sex trafficking of children worldwide. “Brazil has one of the worst child prostitution problems and it’s a thriving sex-tourism industry.”(3) Girls and even boys from the ages of six to eighteen are sold every moment of the day, with tourists being the main target, selling them as if property or meat waiting for the highest bidder. In Brazil’s two biggest cities, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, there are an estimated 150 thousand child prostitutes, boys and girls, controlled by a strong and organized mafia, working in bars, prostitution houses, massage salons and hotels. (4) Policemen are told to ignore these children roaming the streets and the situation tends to get worse and worse, as each child loses their innocence day by day.

Not only are the children born in Brazil being sold, but children from all over the world who are brought over unwillingly, and forced into the life of prostitution. This problem is so widespread that it’s almost uncontrollable with underground brothels and undercover cops helping as well. Despite efforts from the government the business of sex trafficking and enslavement of young girls and boys in Brazil continues to grow.

(1) Child Prostitution in Brazil. (N.D, February). Retrieved February 1, 2011, from

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