Julian Assange 60 Minutes Interview Condensed

By Ana Milanes

Julian Assange, the man responsible for the WikiLeaks leaks, was recently interviewed by 60 Minutes. During his time on the screen, Assange concludes a couple of main points. He makes notable that a small amount of people have access to large quantities of information, and the United States doesn’t necessarily have the means to shut down the internet. The combination of the two can be beneficial or detrimental because it leaves a lack of control throughout.

Also, Assange claims the United States wants their people to be in a state of fear, to the point where they are afraid to use their freedom of speech. Case in point; a publishers job is to make information available to the public and he being arrested for doing his job.

Assange goes on to say that what he did wasn’t a threat to the United States, it was simply “an embarrassment”.
He then speaks of his past, and how he became acquainted with computers at a young age, he was previously arrested for hacking, and his mother also had issues with the politics when he was young.

The WikiLeaks program, according to Assange, runs solely on donations and is a non-profit organization. It is run by volunteers, who he claims have the ability to publish more secrets should something happen to him. Assange makes it clear, that with current technology and our freedom of speech, it is very simple of state whatever you wish.
His basic message throughout the interview is that he is being accused and possibly charged for a right which pertains to him.

CBS News. (January 30,2011) “Julian Assange, the Man Behind WikiLeaks”. Retrieved February 2,2011 from http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/01/26/60minutes/main7286686.shtml

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