60 minutes with Julian Assange

By: Ashley Williams

Public enemy number one is who he is, founder of Wiki Leaks, Julian Assange finds himself in trouble with the Us government, and on house-arrest due to his controversial website. Full of disturbing videos, confidential documents, and things that would be considered to put the country and army civilians in danger, he continues to have the US government in an uproar. He finds himself defending his first amendment right of freedom of speech, despite some very powerful people against him. He stands firmly by his decision to provide the world with this top-secret information.

During his interview on 60 minutes, he recaps his intentions and purpose of the website in which he calls himself a “free press activist.” From this interview, most would get the impression that he feels what he is doing is his right, nor is he doing anything wrong. He is providing the “Public” with information to make an informed personal decision based on the information on the website. What sources send to him is what he relays to the public. He doesn’t see any harm in that, as it’s important for Americans to know what’s really going on, regardless of the source and where it originated.

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