Made in China

By: Paige Johnsen

In 2001, China was introduced into the World Trade Organization (WTO).  The WTO is the only global international institute that regulates trade throughout the world.  The spread of international business and globalization in China has led to the exploitation of Chinese factory workers.  Chinese factory workers are responsible for surplus production; clothing retail is just one example. “Multinational corporations such as Wal-Mart claim to perform inspections of labor conditions, but such inspections are often superficial and rife with corruption,” (1). 

The exploitation of factory workers allows foreign investors to buy goods and services at low costs.  Workers are dominated by their superiors, who violate their human and labor rights.  A New York Times reporter said, “Corporations, including Wal-Mart, Disney and Dell, were accused of unfair labor practices, including using child labor, forcing employees to work 16-hour days on fast-moving assembly lines, and paying workers less than minimum wage. (Minimum wage in this part of China is about 55 cents an hour)” (2).  Wage-slavery is a term used to describe a worker who earns a wage less than the cost of what he or she is making.


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World Trade Organization:

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