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This past March, Namibia celebrated 20 years of independence (1). The former german colony known as “Namibia” which was also referred to as South West Africa, freed it’s chains from the tight grip of South Africa in the year of 1990. Despite many efforts of previous opposition and ridicule Namibia gained it’s independence. The Guerilla war of South Africans, against the german mandated territory, escalated sharply and rapidly, due to the training and invading of cuban soldiers in Namibia and the blocking and controlling of their resources.

Even with many efforts from SWAPO (South West Africa People’s Organization) and the United Nation’s, the president and prime minister refused to surrender, unless troops left their territory. In 1950 South Africa refused a request from the UN to release the territory, and as European powers granted independence to other colonies pressure was applied to South Africa and the struggle for liberation continued in Namibia. Attempting to make peace deemed impossible, and many agreements came into play with no one falling through on their end and reneging on the deal.

In the year of 1976 the United Nation’s condemned South Africa for invading the territory of Namibia (1). There were wars amongst these countries for years, fighting each other and harassing to the point of surrender and intervention from other organization’s which sparked interest and talks from the United States, France and Canada. Finally in 1978 Resolution 435 established independence of Namibia from South Africa (2).


1. Baker, Meredith “Namibia Independence: 20 years in progress” November 8th, 2010

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