Independence for South Ossetia

On Nov. 12, 2006 voting for independence took place in Tskhinvali, Georgia in hopes that South Ossetia would become part of Russia. The small region is located in Georgia, but is not part of the Georgian government. South Ossetia did; however, accept support from Russia causing conflict between the two.

The people of South Ossetia hoped that with the separation from Georgia, would come a joining with Russia. They also hoped it would give the region respect and recognition from the rest of the world. Unfortunately, numerous countries did not acknowledge the votes for independence. Eduard Kokoity, president of South Ossetia, wanted this transition to be peaceful, but Georgia had every intention to regain control of the region.

In August of 2008, Georgia attacked South Ossetia, which gave them temporary power over Tskhinvali. Since many South Ossetia residents have Russian passports, Russia viewed Georgia’s air and ground attacks as attacks on their people. This resulted in Russia sending soldiers to attack Georgia’s troops. Russia defeated the Georgian troops. Days after the battle, Russia began to acknowledge South Ossetia as its own. In April of 2009 Russia signed an agreement to take control of South Ossetia.


AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE. ( November 13, 2006). “Separatist Region in Georgia Votes on Independence”. Retrieved on Janurary 24, 2011 from New York Times website: . (June 6, 2010). “Mountainous South Ossetia, which is in Georgia, is separated from North Ossetia, which is in Russia, by the border between the two countries running high in the Caucasus. Much of the region lies more than 1000 meters above sea level”. Retrieved on January 24, 2011 from BBC website.

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